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Glossy Metallic Text

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Oh right. Sorry I misunderstood . :P


So it was actually a compliment then. Well thanks very much Welshy. :)


I know what you mean about Alan Pardew. So unlike him. Wonder if there was some provocation there. At least he accepted the £100,000 fine and apologized.





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Hi, Great tutorial, but when I got to step 7 ( copy the alpha mask layer to clipboard )

I select the layer but it wont let me copy it.

I go to EDIT but I can't select anything

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong, Or if I need to install a specific tool ?


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ummm ... that part doesn't seem very well explained.  

Y'can't get the tutorial writers these days ...


Select the Move Selected Pixels tool  :MoveTool:

Click anywhere on the layer with the black text

Ctrl + C

Effects >>> Alpha Mask ... and it should be copied


Give a shout back if it isn't sorted


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Ok, I'm a noob and stuck. Where it says to copy the Alpha Mask layer. When I highlight the layer, then go to edit, I can not select "copy". It's not an available option. I tried to "Select All" and then copy, but I don't get the same effect in the next step as you do. What am I doing wrong here?

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I've fixed the images by rehosting them on Photobucket. Enjoy.


@Fuzzy - please send me a copy of the PDF so I can attach it. Thanks! :D

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The pdf I have was made from a web to pdf converter, so the pdf also has stuff like comments. I don't know how to remove unnecessary pages from a pdf, but it would be nice if there was a way. The comments show some other user results, but they also give a total of about 16 pages, rather than 7 or 8.


As for sending you a copy, I didn't see the option to attach a file through a PM. Do you know a hosting site I could upload to? Then I could upload it there and give you a link to it.


PS, THANK YOU! For fixing this tutorial. <3  :)

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Thank you both. I would have liked to attach Welshblue's original PDF if it was available. He might have put some extras in there.

If anyone has it please let me know. Otherwise I'll attach a copy of the restored tutorial.

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Many thanks to the Moderator (EER?) who reposted the original pictures for this tutorial. Or, amybe I don't thank you since I stayed up until 5.30 am playing with it, and I had to be up at 9.30 to take my Dad, a WWII veteran, on his first visit to the WWII Museum.


In any case, I had said in another post  that I needed gold, silver, platinum, iron, and bronze metals. I'm guessing that the technique in Welshblue's tutorial can be applied to almost any linear figure (ooh, anyone want to make the old DC Comics Metal Men?)


I did achieve what I think were workable colorings.


I noted that the directions for adding color to the metallic letters as I read them say to create another layer, set its properties to GLOW, and the desired amounnt of opacity, and then fill with your color of choice.


I believe something may have been left out. One needs to go to the Metal Leters layer, select the area outside of the letters (including Ctrl-Clicking on the inside of any closed letters), then go to the color layer and hit delete to remove the color from the layer anywhere except one's metal letters, because otherwise it screws up the background color.


I found Hex codes for four of the five colors I was after. There was no Iron, although I found the others:


Metallic Gold D4AF37
Platinum E5E4E2
Silver C0C0C0
Iron -- use black, or letters as they are.
Bronze CD7F32 or use orange


I actually ended up using two layers on the Metallic Gold. One with the code above, and one (above it) with Yellow. I then merged the Yellow down onto the Metallic Gold. There was less of the silver tone showing through. I add the code for Pewter, 9D9A96, simply because I happened across it.


And then there was the color which I simply HAD to include. 637F80. Otherwise called Aurometalsaurus. I mean, really, with a name like that, how could I not include it?


I include my efforts.




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This is such a good thread! I was looking for that kind of advice to make metallic letters.

I'm going to try that asap.

Thanks, all of you, this forum is just nothing but a gold mine of tips and tricks to improve our skills with Paint.net.




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Hi @geedeeay and Welcome to the forum.  This Plugin was updated to include the Copy from Clipboard - you will need to download it - found here and if you don't know how to install new Plugins here is How To :D.


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