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Make a Rusty Barrel


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Make a Rusty Barrel


I was asked by DrewDale how I made rusty barrels and if I could write a short tutorial on how to make it.  I have never written a tutorial on anything but I have been here for almost 4 years so maybe it is time I  tried it. I am no way an art major, more of a hobbyist,  so some of my ways may be unconventional and stand room for improvement. As I started through it taking screenshots I realized this is no short tutorial so be prepared.  Here we go and I hope this helps you out.




Plugins used:
- Mirror




This is what we are going to end up with.




I use both textures I take with my camera and free textures I get online at places like http://www.texturemate.com .  Any texture can be used but a little paint on it looks better. I started with this rust texture from texturemate and opened it with Paint.Net. As you can see it is 2600 x 1733 in size,I left it that size,you may want to reduce it if your computer has a hard time handling it. The size doesn't really matter for this tutorial, you can resize the barrel at the end. 




First use the Rectangle Select tool and select a section at the top about the width that looks good for a rim. Select Edit and Copy,then select Paste in New Layer.  With the section still selected on the new layer go to Effects,, Selection,, Bevel Selection and adjust until it looks good. Now deselect and add some drop shadow, adjust if you see the need, offset Y to the right will bring the shadow down.




Here there are two ways to duplicate it for the bottom. The easy way is to use Effects,,, Mirror,,, Mirror Top over Bottom. The other way would be to copy and paste then move it down which would look better for shadowing and lighting. I used mirror. When you have the top and bottom done you will notice an edge on either end of both. Just go to tools and click the Move Selected Pixels, then  move  the sides out until they are gone.  You can name this layer rims to keep track better, I was lazy and did not,lol




Now go back to the background layer and use the Rectangular Select tool again to select a section about a third of the way down about this wide.





Copy and Paste it in a new layer.  Now with it still selected Use Tools,, Move Selected Pixels and squash it down to about half the width and add Bevel selection at about these settings.





Deselect and use Mirror Top over Bottom, then Move Selected Pixels to stretch the sides and get rid of the ends again. Now add some drop shadow with this color and settings.





Go to Layers,,, Layer Properties,,, Blending Modes,,, Color Burn and adjust to these settings or what looks good to you.






Merge all three layers together and you should have this.





Now we are ready for  Effects,,, Render,,, Shape 3 D at about these settings.  Be sure to  uncheck the top if you want an open barrel.






You will notice that the top is wider than the bottom, no problem, go to Effects,,, Distort,,, Quadrilateral Reshape and adjust the top corners in until it looks good,like this.




We need to now make the rim and ridges stick out a little beyond the sides of the barrel. It is easier if you zoom in a bit on the sections you are working on when doing this. Use the Rectangle select tool for the rims,,, click Move selected Pixels and move the outer edge out a little until it looks good. Do the same for all four ends of the rims.





For the barrel ridges you will need the Ellipse Select tool and Move selected Pixels again and move out until it looks good.  You don't need to be too fussy because you can clean them up with the eraser tool afterwards. Do all four ends of the ridges.





You should have something like this and you can use the eraser tool adjusted to a size that gives the right curve to clean up the edges of each protrusion if you like. 





Inside the top of the barrel you can see the seam from our texture so now we have to remove it or disguise it.  This can be done a few different ways,this is probably the easiest one.  Add another layer and Use the Ellipse tool,,, select it for Draw Filled Shape and make an ellipse that fills as much of the inside as you can to hide the seam using any color, it is just a pattern.  You can select it and use  Move Selected Pixels to adjust the size also. 




Bring in another rusty texture or which ever you want the inside to look like. I used one I took with my camera and using the Move Selected Pixels shrink it down to a size that the features look right and place behind the pattern. 



Go to the pattern layer and with the magic wand select outside the pattern and then go back to the rust layer and hit delete.





Deselect the pattern layer  and now you have a rusty elipse to disguise the inside of the barrel with. 





On the rusty ellipse layer go to  Layers,,, Layer Properties,,, Blending Modes,,, and play with Multiply, or Overlay,, or Difference,,, also  trying the transparency slider until it looks ok. Then you can go to  Adjustments,,, Brightness/Contrast and adjust each until you have the right shadow look like this.




Merge the two layers and discard the pattern layer, and there is your barrel. I used two more textures for a quick background from texturemate on two layers behind the barrel layer. On the floor one I used  Layers,,, Rotate/Zoom,,, and tilted it until it looked good with it behind the brick wall layer. On the brick wall layer use a little drop shadow adjusting axis Y to the right, or down in the pic until it looks good. 





This is my crazy way of making barrels and there are more than likely better ways. Mine is open for experimentation,different settings and adjustments or anything else you want to try. Being my first tutorial I apologize if I did a lousy job at either the tutorial or the writing, I will strive to get better at both. I would love to hear any comments good or bad as well as see what others can do with this crazy guys tutorial.  Most of all have fun with it.  


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Neat!  I like this :star:




I kept the bands on separate layers and used S3D to round them independently.  A little extra horizontal width on each gave me the extra thickness.  Bottom three bands were half cylinder maps while the top was a full map.


Thanks for spotting the omission of Quad Reshape from the Plugin Index.  Fix flagged for the next release (Wednesday).

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