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Quick Step Wood

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Updated to 2017 Version




PlugIn Needed: 



Polar Transformation



























Experiment with different Settings/ Colours/ Blend Modes/ Opacity and different Plug Ins for interesting results













To see how to use Polar Transformation Check This Out





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Knowing EER's occupation I'll just call him 'stumpy'  :P 

What can I say but I'm the (literally)

... I wonder what ASH would make of it ...

Thanks EER, Drew' and Daniels ... it's one of those that playing around can yield tonnes of results ... damn I should used Splinter instead of Fragment Edited by welshblue
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Hope you do not mind that i borrowed your image and made an addition. You can also make beveled flooring that will tile in both directions.


The image was 800x600 so you divide it into 4 200 pixel blocks. Select bottom layer and paste it to a new layer making sure it stays in the 0 to 200 area.

Add beveling to your liking. To remove beveling on the edge you leave it selected, bevel it and move it up. Deselect it.




The bottom layer 200x600 you selected is still ready and should be pasted into another layer. Apply bevel and move into position.






Make sure to randomly place the bevels to not be inline sideways. The example above has row 1 and 3 too close in horizontal.

The last row should be easily done and placed horizontally away from the other 3.

Edited by Visual
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Nope I don't mind at all. Tutes are there to be expanded upon, all ideas welcomed to help everyone. Nice idea.

Have you tried JerkFight's hardwood floor tutorial ? I think it's sticky'ed in the textures thread

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Just had a look see. It looks very good and a lot like pergo flooring. That type of flooring doesn't use a bevel like real hardwood floors do. If water was to collect and go down in the seams, it would expand like a sponge. The downside to modern products made from compressed fibers.

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@AndrewDavid ... good catch on the screenshot.  Thanks. ( ... couldn't see the wood for the trees ... ) Amended now.  Nice result on the outcome ... seems like I'm getting plagued by wings today :P


@MJW ... Thanks.  The plain texture works better on smaller things or if you push it together and duplicate it a few times to make a bigger surface of wood texture (if that makes sense)  


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