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Printer Issues

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Try updating your printer/scanner drivers first.

I assume you mean that Paint.NET freezes when you attempt to use File > Acquire > From scanner or Camera?  Is there a crash log on your desktop?  How long did you allow the process to run before forcing an exit?

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My computer says that the driver is already up-to-date.

Technically, it freezes when I click "scan" on the dialog box that appears. It sometimes gives the preview, but when I try to actually scan, it takes a while. After 10 or so minutes of absolutely nothing happening, I tried to back out. The scan button then said "Wait...". So I waited. That also took around 8 to ten minutes before I went to Task Manager. When I clicked "End Task", another dialog box appeared saying that Paint.net was not responding, and then it crashed.

I'm also not sure how to attach my crash log.:sadtard:

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