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Effects > Stylize > Relief - Unusually useful? [SOLVED]

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I discovered, while tinkering aimlessly, that the Effects > Style > Relief effect is very useful for rescuing slightly out-of-focus photos. (But not all.)


I then apply the Effects > Blurs > Surface Blur effect to make the texture look more natural.


It doesn't work in some photos, depending on the lighting. And it works very badly if I apply it to a photo that I've already reduced in size. (I shoot at about 8 mpx which looks best with my Sony DSC-W300.)


It would be really useful if I could adjust the degree to which the Relief effect is applied ("fade" it in Photoshop terms). I'm wondering if this added feature is available through a different plugin.


Discovery was made just in time to correct photos of our singing group, shot by a non-savvy user in the audience with my camera.

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Interesting discovery!


Here's how I would try to tone down the strength of the effect:


1. Duplicate the photo layer.


2. Apply the effect to the upper layer.


3. Press F4 and lower the effect layer opacity.


4. Merge layers and apply Surface blur to your liking.

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