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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download the PDF


Line spacings and number of ... down to individual choice. The more experienced user may have quicker ways to do parts of this tutorial but it's quite comprehensive to show newer users how to build things up. plus it's the first tutorial to use Pyro's Grid Warp (as far as I know ...)

Plugins Needed:

Object Align Grid Warp panelling




















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@ Klaxxon ... many thanks.  All the years I've known YM and I don't think I knew that video existed ... I certainly didn't know Diagonal Lines existed.  I knew there was a quicker way to get the lines ... (I'll PM yellowman and see if he minds me adding the diagonal lines step in ... having tried it, it knocks about 4 screenshots off ...)


@ Mottoman ... many thanks.  Great result.  Your top page looks a lot better than mine the way you've used Grid Warp

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We must recognize that YM is brilliant sometimes.

But you always are.

I wish I was. You make me blush ...

In all my time here I would have to say that YM is the one I've learnt the most from. Then ASH and OMA.

I've got my own way of doing things but YM can make me shake my head in wonderment and awe ... he's a genius and nice with it.

Whereas I'm sometimes a halfwit and 'orrible with it ;)

Being honest, he should be King of PDN and The Rabbi ... and almost every award going for excellence(I'd like to keep the music one ...)

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I sometimes want to hit myself upside my head. I didn't really know what to use the Grid Warp for--maybe it's because no one explained it so easily as you have. Nice job. :)

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Nice presentation Welshy, with nice result as well,

And no mate, you can't use the plugin same as I did, this is a Copyright infringement ;) joking

Feel free, Welshy use whatever you want to use.


@ Klaxxon, Thanks for saying so, I every time feel happy to share anything I know about PDN, because I know I will get back surprises from other users, and that makes me even happier.!

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