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"Select" Question

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I mean hit a corner individually shift. That is like that, if I hit a corner lower right click and hold! with to shift the upper right hits a corner with shifted. But I would like only lower right hit a corner shift without that upper with am shifted.

I do not have notion whether it am understandable now! Google evenly!

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What he wants is very simple:

He wants the selection shift to be in the top right corner tool of his ellipse so he can right click to the free move.

Does that clear things up?

EDIT: I just realized that he already posted.

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Although interesting, the current selection method is already more flexible than what he proposes.

As I said before, please read these pages:



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If he wants to subtract from the selection, then yes that is quite easy. Just read the docs.

That will not change the location of the handles, as those will always be positioned based on the selection's bounding rectangle.

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