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Selection Growth/Shrink Plugin?

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Is there a plugin that would expand a selected area, so as to create an outline around the object? Like Select > Shrink or Select > Grow in GIMP.


I just don't like having to open GIMP just to do that every time, I'd like to have it right in PDN. If anybody can show me where it is or even make this for me (I have NO idea on programming/plugin coding), that'd be great!

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Hello kaseykahnego9,

Plugins are not allowed to change the selection, however there are plugins to outline objects.

Selections are shown in light blue and are where effects are applied.
Objects, in this context, are opaque and translucent pixels on a fully transparent layer.

Look in the Plugin index for 'Outline Object' - I know there are ones by Boltbait and Pyrochild.
Boltbait also has an 'Outline selection' plugin.
There are also various techniques to shrink or grow an object.

I would guess that outlining the selection, deselecting, then using Layers/'rotate/zoom', may be what you want?



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