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Help with file with dots

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Hi there


I.m new here need help with understanding creating layers, i have been using a layer for creating a picture but then the whole thing went into dots and now i can;t seem to change it back to my main art image, so i went into layer properties to see what was there, background was ticked but im not sure what i needed to do.



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Hi dennyOz - welcome!


I don't think this is a layer issue.  You may have turned on the Pixel Grid feature.  Look for it in the Tool Bar the button toggles it on and off.  The Pixel Grid is only visible when zoomed in to 200% or more.


Quick layer summary: 


Layers are best described as clear plastic sheets.  Put your image elements (the individual bits that make up the image) onto separate layers.  The layers are viewed as one stack - so you see all the image elements assembled.


To create a new layer click this icon in the Layers Window :AddNewLayer:


Note that the order of layers is important.  Layers which are higher in the stack (i.e. the Layers Window) will obscure lower layers unless the upper layer has some transparent areas to allow the underlying layer to show through.

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