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fitting one image upon another

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Not sure how to describe this but here goes...


Let's say I have two images, a square photo of a person, and a square picture frame. I want to put the photo in the frame so it looks natural.


Now here's the catch: the picture frame image is displayed at a slight angle, so it's shaped sort of like a parallelogram. So when I put the square photo on top, and rotate it as best I can, it still does not 'fit' naturally in the frame.


My question is how can I make the photo fit naturally? Thanks.

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I take it the frame has a transparent background ?


1.Put the frame on the top layer and the picture on the bottom layer


2.On the bottom layer use the blue arrow tool (Move) and hold down the right mouse button to rotate it


3.Still using the blue tool click on one of the corner nubs and while holding down shift and resize it,so that the photo is bigger than the inside of the frame but smaller than the outside (The frame being on top will hide any overlaps )


Posting both images would also help.

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