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Warping resize

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I have no idea what this is called and my googling isn't helping me. I've seen it used before in a youtube vid where you can stretch and skew and warp the image you've selected by dragging the corners of the selection.  Except unlike regular resizing only the corner you've dragged will move, the other 3 points will remain stationary (and as a result your selection will no longer be rectangular)


Why I'm asking is because I have 2 maps (dota 2) one of which has been created with an orthographic projection, the other using perspective. I want to overlay the two. The perspective one is only a small subset of the overall map so it doesn't need to be super accurate.


Links to the images: 

  Orthographic: http://calvert.ch/dota/dota_map.jpg

  Perspective: http://i.imgur.com/oz0fe.jpg


I tried using rotate/zoom but it seems to work relative to the center of the entire image rather than just my selection which makes it really really fiddly.


Is there a way to do a warping resize in paint.net? I've tried all the ctrl-alt-shift-mousebutton combinations there are with no luck.

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Try Quadrilateral Reshape in this plugin pack: Evan's Effects v1.1.


Otherwise this one might do:  Grid Warp

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