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Noob question - how do I apply bevel after an alpha mask?

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Hi - long time lurker, total paint.net noob, first time post...


Ok I used this tut :

to make the text image in the attached file.  I want to apply a bevel to the text now that I have alpha masked it to get the gradient effect.  But the bevel tool is treating the entire image (not just the text) as my selected object. 


When I get done with the alpha mask, how do I get the text only as my selected object so that the bevel tool will apply the bevel to only the text?


I'm trying to get the text effect in this link: http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photoshop-text/text-effects/gold/

or something close to it.  A previous post asked the same thing but the only answers he got was how to make it look gold, not how to do all the beveling, textures, sparkles, etc.  For now though, all I'm wanting to do is achieve the bevel effect before I move on.


Thanks in advance! I'm sure it's something *really* simple!


edit: the weird thing is, I can use the outline tool and it will apply only to the text. but when i use the bevel tool, it applies to the outer edges of the canvas. ugh.


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Notice that the plugin is called "bevel selection."

Basically, it applies a bevel effect to the outer edge of your selection (which, if you don't have anything selected, is the entire canvas).

What you need to do is use the magic wand tool to select your text before you run the bevel plugin.

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