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Feature Request: Rotate with Line

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I used to use a Mac several years ago, and on that system, I used a program called GraphicConverter.

GraphicConverter had a wonderful feature I wanted to ask you to consider implementing in Paint.NET -- "Rotate with Line".

Here is how its user manual describes the feature:

[Rotate] Other Value with Line changes the mouse cursor to a cross.

You can then drag a helper line along a line in the picture that is supposed to be 'straight'.

Drag the helper line along the side of a house in your picture, for example, and release the mouse button. Zoom into the section of the picture where you want to drag the line using the magnifying glass. GraphicConverter will now rotate the picture automatically so that this line is vertical. The closest alignment is always selected. The helper line does not stay in the picture.

It made straightening images a snap.

For the moment, in order to achieve the same effect, I will either eyeball it or follow the advice offered here.  But I would love the existence of this ability in Paint.NET.

Regardless of whether or not you implement this feature, I thank you for the effort you've put into such a wonderful program.

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You're forgiven Red, because it's such a fine tool. Nice preset ratios too ;)

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Very nice plugin but seems overkill for us regular folk.  WCityMike's explanation of "rotation by line" is exactly the feature I used in a past bitmap editor (don't remember which).  I found it simple and intuitive.  I rotate often in Paint.Net and currently have to tweak rotation values until the image "appears" straight.  A bit clumsy and inaccurate.

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Create a new layer on top of the crooked layer, draw your straight line on the new layer, and then rotate the crooked layer using Move Selected Pixels or Layer -> Rotate Zoom.

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