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Clone tool stopped working after plugin install (Solved)

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any help and guidance would be very much appreciated.

After installing the liquify plugin an smudge..the clone stamp 

no longer works. V3.5.10

uninstalled and reloaded again..the installer grabbed the two plugins and 

put back into tools..Still doesn't function..


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Just a wild shot in the dark...

Make sure you downloaded the plugins from this forum and not from an outside source. If you downloaded from elsewhere, the plugins are likely out of date.

My clone tool works great, and I have both plugins installed.

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With all due respect - are you using the clone stamp correctly?  You need to define the source point FIRST by clicking with the CTRL key held down, THEN you use the stamp like a repositioning paintbrush.


More>> http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/CloneStamp.html 

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OK.  Go through the steps you're using.  Be as specific as you can, because we'll be trying to reproduce what you're doing.


Edit:  One last thought - are you trying to use the clone stamp tool from a layer which is transparent?

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Thank you guys for your assisting me.

I got it straightened out. i went so far as to load an earlier version with the same 

result of nothing happening. All along I had been trying to use the left control key.

(which is how I have always done it) Today I slid over and tried the right side control

key and it worked! Don't know why but something had triggered the left control key not to work with paint, as this control key worked for everything else.Once the clone tool responded to the right control key..no problem

works fine now on the left key...So strange!...a hic up of some kind...

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Glad you got it sorted.


Maybe your keyboard is wearing out?

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Glad you got things figured out, but please note that this is a very old thread, and any software fixes would probably be obsolete after almost three years.  :-)


Next time you have an issue, feel free to open a new thread.  Thank you!


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