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Text Along A Curve Plugin?

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I know this thread is old, and I have the "updated" version of this tool.

But I need a much more "simple" tool.

I just want a slightly curved line on which I can add text - which will follow the line.


I don't know the terminology that Paint uses, but I've always known that as "Line Text", or "Curve Text". But everything in Paint (when I searched extensively) comes back to the Circle tool.


The closest that comes to this is the "Circle" tool. But that's way too sharp an angle. I don't need a full circle.

I've gone through the extensive list of tools I've installed, but there is nothing to create a line and have text then follow that line.


Am I missing another plugin?


I can use the Circle tool if the text is short. But I have long text. When you go through all the adjustments, it just looks really bad and ends up all over the image where I'm trying to add text.


Any thoughts?




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I think that you are talking about Text Along A Path.
(This maybe a plugin that is closest to what you want: 

Here is a listing of the Text Formation Plugins as of today:

Circle Text 28 Sep 2009dpy
Writes text into a circle, or on an angle. Found in dpy's PackSee also: #16643
EffectActive3.5.x, 4.0xEffects > Text FormationsCircleText.dll
Circular Text 07 Sep 2018xod
Render text as if it was printed in a circle of constant radius.
EffectActive4.1+Effects > Text FormationsCircularText.dll
ImageInText 22 Oct 2017xod
Creates text mask using the source layer as the text fill, alternatively creates transparent text within the source layer
EffectActive4.0.19+Effects > Text FormationsImageInText.dll
Renders text to the active layer with options to outline and gradient fill the text.
EffectActive4.0.21+Effects > Text FormationsOutlinedGradientText.dll
Rotate Text 26 Oct 2009dpy
Write text to the canvas at an angle. The dll named RotateTextSUI.dll is enhanced for larger displays. Found in dpy's PackSee also: #16643
EffectActive3.5.x, 4.0xEffects > Text FormationsRotateText.dll or RotateTextSUI.dll
Spaced Text 08 Mar 2017simmetric
Text rendering plugin which supports kerning & line spacing as well as a slew of basic word processing effects. Does not support OTF fonts. Jusitify option added 4 Aug 2017.
EffectActive4.0.12+Effects > Text FormationsSpacedTextPlugin.dll & SpacedTextPlugin.pdb
Speech Bubble 21 Mar 2010dpy
Write speech bubbles and text directly to the canvas. Found in dpy's PackSee also: #16643
EffectActive3.5.x, 4.0xEffects > Text FormationsSpeechBubble.dll
Spiral Text ver 1.2 10 Oct 2009dpy
Writes text on a spiral. Found in dpy's PackSee also: #16643
EffectActive3.5.x, 4.0xEffects > Text FormationsSpiralText.dll
Creates monolithic (slab-like) text using an installed font as a base. Think word-art for paint.net. Many options include a range of color options, lighting, pitch, yaw and roll, size, zoom, etc… Bug fix release for PDN 4.1.x by toe_head2001
EffectActive4.0.8+Effects > Text FormationsTRsMonolithic.dll
Renders a string of text to the layer or selection. String can be repeated, offset & a specific font specified. For PDN 3.5 version see post #21 in the thread.
EffectActive3.5.x, 4.0xEffects > Text FormationsTextWindow.dll
Text+ 21 Aug 2012dpy
Render text specifying line spacing, location, direction, color and font pitch. Useful for when you need precise placement of text.
EffectActive3.5.x, 4.0xEffects > Text FormationsTextplus.dll
Wave Text v1.0 25 Oct 2009dpy
Writes a string of text along a sine curve. The dll named WaveTextSUI.dll is enhanced for larger displays. Found in dpy's PackSee also: #16643
EffectActive3.5.x, 4.0xEffects > Text FormationsWaveText.dll or WaveTextSUI.dll
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