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How to create a S Shape !

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Use the line/bezier ( :LineTool:) tool. First draw your line then right click on the nubs and drag to make a smooth curve. If you wanted to recreate that particular image, you could draw it completely straight and then use the SinWaves plugin to give it the curve. Either way would work fine.

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Thanks Daniels - I would like to create an image more or less similar to the one attached.


I've tried both options you outlined. Both work but I am unable to make the road disappear at the top. Is there a perspective tool I can use to do this?



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Hello Kash,

Create your S shape road as if seen from above - use the line tool to make a simple Bezier curve, then duplicate layers and  :MoveTool:move them sideways to give parallel curves. Use the arrow keys to move a layer sideways.
Once happy, flatten the layers into one layer then use 'Layer/Rotate & zoom' :RotateZoom: to tilit the road and give an impression of perspective. ('Grab' the globe icon and 'pull' it upwards.)


Hope that helps!

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