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Paint.NET, I need a logo tutorial like these, it's looks great.

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Tutorials are there to point you on the way ... not to hold your hand.

Experiment with the 2 tutorials and combine them and you'll get 'real'. If something is worth having it's worth spending time on, no ?


Hmm it's not like what I want it hehe.

I already see the results from you and it was not same.


Do you have any tutorials that will make it 90% same?

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Nice effect Welshy.

@ xeNium, WelshBlue is right, the purpose of my tutorial was just of how to get the 45 bevel effect on the text,

then you can add your own texture, light and colors as desired, it all depends on your taste and experience with PDN.


A quick try, here I duplicated the Splinted layer and set the blend mode of top layer to Negation then applied Diffuse plugin on default (not sure what was the angle), on the lower layer I used Emboss with - 90 degree.

then overlay the text with Cloud layer, then adjust the colors:



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