Tessellation Combo V2.0 with real Alpha Channel copy

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I'm not going to say no and I'm not going to say yes. I have been mulling this over since SkullBonz actually had asked me a similar question. It all depends on the shape of the selection and wether there are concave pockets that could fool a UV mapping algorithm. Skull actualy only wanted a hand full of control points but a full selection would require lots of control points to be assessed. It could be done like a ray trace, that would be slow, but  there would be areas in a complex selection that would be blocked. I'll have to keep thinking about this one,

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understood to all that, and at least your interested in the idea.


from my work with blender 3d, i really can appreciate how tricky uv mapping can be. if ever you'd like some public or private beta testing let me know. i've beta tested on various apps over the years, including blender, crazybump (a bitmap to normal map generator) and a some level editing tools for idtech games. and i'm quite good at stress testing apps or finding uses for them that devs might not of thought of, he he.

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