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Large print file size

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I need to prepare a very simple poster (one color for back ground and one for the font, no further editing at all) but it has to be around 50x50inch size which is big. I have never worked with such a large images before hence my question.


When I click 'new' and then set print size to 50x50 and 150ppi resolution the file size is around 250mb. Does it really have to be this big? It seems like my laptop cant handle files this big.


Is there some way around it? Vectors? Inscape?


My laptop is Hp Pavilion g6 Core i3


Please help ;-(


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I would go with Inkscape for something like that.

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50 inches x 150ppi = 7500 pixels. There is no avoiding the math. Don't believe the size though. That is an estimated size based on the memory requirements to edit such an image. Your saved file size will have compression applied and will be much smaller.

Try creating the image as a mock-up and saving as a PNG to get an idea of the file size.

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