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IndirectUI: Request for 'void' properties

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It would be nice if we could get some controls to structure the content.


Like tabs, groupboxes, or just a void element whicht provides DisplayName and Description element only.


I implemented something simular now in the OptionBasedLibrary und used it in development.


Here is a code example which shows how simple this could be in the code (even easier as PropertyBased implementation because there is no context, which is used for translation and more):


OptionControlList options = new OptionControlList
    new OptionContainerTabControl(OptionNames.Tab, optContext)
        new OptionContainerTabPage(OptionNames.Page1, optContext)
            new OptionPathDrawingBoard(OptionNames.DrawingBoard, optContext)
                SourceSize = EnvironmentParameters.SourceSurface.Size,
        new OptionContainerTabPage(OptionNames.Page2, optContext)
            new OptionInt32Slider(OptionNames.LineWidth, optContext, 2, 1, 100)
                Unit = "px",
            new OptionInt32ColorWheel(OptionNames.LineColor, optContext)
                ColorSelect = ColorSelect.Any | ColorSelect.Primary | ColorSelect.Secondary,
                Primary = (int)EnvironmentParameters.PrimaryColor.Bgra,
                Secondary = (int)EnvironmentParameters.SecondaryColor.Bgra,
            new OptionEnumDropDown<LineStyleEnum>(OptionNames.LineStyle, optContext, LineStyleEnum.Solid),
            new OptionEnumDropDown<LineDashCapEnum>(OptionNames.LineDashCap, optContext, LineDashCapEnum.Round),
            new OptionEnumDropDown<LineCapEnum>(OptionNames.LineStartCap, optContext, LineCapEnum.Round),
            new OptionEnumDropDown<LineCapEnum>(OptionNames.LineEndCap, optContext, LineCapEnum.Round),
            new OptionEnumDropDown<LineJoinEnum>(OptionNames.LineJoin, optContext, LineJoinEnum.Round),
    new OptionEnumCheckBoxes<ShowEnum>(OptionNames.ShowWhileEditing, optContext, new bool[] { true, true}),


which produces the following dialog:


post-79572-0-18957600-1370105928_thumb.j  post-79572-0-63566600-1370105940_thumb.j




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