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some requests

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only two requests, both would be really useful in the next update.

firstly go back again and seperate the straight line and curved line tool, keep it how it is for now but also have a straigjht line where you dont have to keep pressing enter after every line. i do quite a lot of linework using paint.net or atleast i did before having to press enter every line >_<

secondly could you also release a square/rectangle gradient, because currently there isnt oe inbuilt into the program.

EDIT: sorry just thought of another, again its not essentual but its useful. basicly its intergrate microsofts gif animator (free and fairly old program) into paint.net as i said its not essental and i can do it myelf, but it takes more effort than an inbuilt program would.



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I do a lot of line work with the Bézier curve. I have developed a technique where I make a single click a little of the line to close it. It takes a little, getting used to. But it works fine for me.

A separate straight line tool would bee fine, but I hope the Bézier curve tool stays generally the same.

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