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How would you create a Cattle Brand?

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As the title suggests, how would you go about creating a Cattle Brand?


I'm trying to create something simple using the letters "dP" to produce something along these lines:




I want to have a textured background that resembles hair (does not need to change shade, though) and a way to make a rough looking outline for the letters.


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Try white or off-white (light grey) lettering on a transparent layer placed above the existing textured background.  A small blur (e.g. Gaussian Blur @ 2 to 4 ) will make the edge less distinct.  Press F4 and try different Blend Modes with different opacity settings (Hint: Lighten, opacity 50% or around 128).

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What about putting the D and the P together? And using a thinner typeface, it would be easier to incorporate some sort of fancy swirl in it like the example you showed, not sure if you know what i mean heres an example:


Looking back at the example i reckon using a serif typeface would probably garner better results too

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Try using a little bevel on the letters and then a little jitter before you adjust the transparency. Also try using a little bit of dents and a bit of gaussian blur on the background.



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