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resizing photos

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Hello, This is my first post.

I am new to Image editing and have been using Paint.net for a couple of months. The main problem I am having is with Resizing. I originally scanned 4x6 prints @300dpi @8x12 inches. I am trying to post them to a website, so I resized back to 4x6. But it seems like the photos weren't made smaller, the ruler was made bigger. And when I posted them They are still huge. what did I do wrong? The file size is a lot smaller in the resized pics.



You can see the thumbnails here click full size and they grow, I want them to stay around 4x6.

http://pub34.bravenet.com/photocenter/a ... lbum=45717

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You only changed the print size of the image, which does not affect the pixel size (how large it appears on the computer). Just use Image->Resize again and click By Percentage and type in 50.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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What resolution were the pictures after scanning them in? What resolution are you going for?

For me in terms of graphics displayed on a screen 4x6 and 8x12 have no meaning. What I look for is the pixel resolution.

On Paint.NET 3.0 Beta (probably similar on 2.72) go to Image -> Resize and change the pixel size.

Oh, looking at the dialog I can see that there are inches on there as well.


For screen output it should probably be around 96 pixels per inch. When you change one setting, others might change as well. In the end, you will want your pixel size to be anywhere from a few hundred pixels to probably 1024x768 max unless you are making a much bigger picture.

Does that help? Sorry if I'm rambling a bit.

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Thanks for the quick response. This forum moves faster than I can type! I am more carpenter than computer geek. So Inches come more naturally to me. But I will try your suggestions. This is a great program, Although for me the learning curve has been kinda steep. I learn best by trial and error. More by error, I guess.

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