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A Gallery (New laptop, new sketch)

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I can't see any sort of fail. 

2 very interesting images.  Sort of pop art but with raw emotion thrown in ... I'd have the busty blonde one hanging on my wall for sure.

Thanks for the share ... great to see how you did them

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@welshblue Thanks! :] About the fail, it's not the sketches. Sketches don't always look clean and detailed, so I don't worry much about them. :lol: The whole fail issue has to do with both videos. The different programs I use act slow and laggy, or fast and efficient. So, recording sketches becomes tricky. :/ To me, the best way to do it is if:

  • said recordings are fixed on the program window;
  • the colors are limited and ready to use;
  • I try not to rush the sketch, and;
  • I establish a 30-minute limit for the recording.

Plus, I have to edit them so they don't go over 15 minutes. Better keep them short! :lol:


Now that you mention pop art, I checked Google Images to compare my sketches and images from said movement. I've been using color and value, making sure the sketches are well shaded and don't end up as a monochromatic or analogous composition. :/ I never thought for a moment that they might look as pop art. Must be the saturated result. :lol: However, that gives me an idea on what their future outcome could be. o.o Also, I looked for art with raw emotion. Man...I might've been incorporating those ideas months or a few years ago. So many faceless people and 'incomplete' semi-abstract sketches... I blame Laovaan (an artist from YouTube) for showing that video about his experience in art school/college. And my time spent doodling silhouettes and abstract stuff with ballpoint pens. D8

Having that pic hanging on your wall might be a problem... I have no idea how to sell my artwork. 8D

And you're welcome. There's more to come! :mrcyan:

(PS.: Watch out, man! :lol: )



@Pixey Thanks. Like I wrote before, I'm still trying to get the hang of it. :mrcyan: I hope the blonde girl didn't incite any quarrel between them. X]

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On 3/31/2018 at 9:38 AM, Seerose said:

<3 @Beta0! I watched your videos and images. :trophy:  Very beautiful works. Thank you for sharing. :cake: :coffee:

@Seerose Thanks for the feedback. And you're welcome! 😄 

Also, sorry for replying a year to late. 😅


Finally, I posted a new image. 😁

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