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automatic layer alignment

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Hello there!

I've searched this forum in hope for an answer to my question but, alas, to no avail.
Here's what I want to do: I want to automatically align two layers on top of each other.

Let's say I have two pictures. Each picture has a photography in the background and some text in the foreground. I now want to maximize the parts of the picture that aren't blocked by text. The two pictures don't have the same size and additionally, the aspect ratio of both photographies is slightly off. So to align both pictures (e.g. in two layers on top of each other), one of the images would need to be not only rescaled but also streched (or clinched respectively).
Is there a way to do this automatically? The operation itself would be extremely simple:

1. create two "anchor points" (with mandatory diagonal distance to each other) on both images which depict the same part of the picture each

2. run the automatic operation. It justs alignes the anchor points by re-scaling one of the images - nothing more.

Can anyone point me to a plugin or built-in function of Paint.NET?
Thanks a lot for your help!


Regards, Timo

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Automatically? No there isn't. You can do it manually.

1. open the larger image and import the second as a new layer.

2. press F4 on the upper layer and lower the opacity to a point where you can see the important points in both layers.

3. Ctrl A selects all the layer. M activates the move tool :MoveTool:

4. Left click on a corner nub and drag to resize. Hold shift to maintain H and W ratio.

5. Drag the image to move it (any part of the image not on a control nub).

6. Rotate the image by dragging with the right mouse button.

When you have repositioned and rescaled, restore the opacity by reversing step 2.

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