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two files open at the same time

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In Photoshop you can open one file,  and then open another file and they show up side by side or however you want them to be.  How can I do this in Paint.net?  When I open one file, it will not let me reduce the size so another file can be in the same window. 

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Bring one in to paint.net,go to Image,,Canvas Size,,uncheck maintain aspect level,,then add the width you need for both side by side,,,set the square to the left and click ok. Now bring in the second file as another layer. Now go to Layers,,Rotate/Zoom,,and adjust the x-pan until you have it where you want it and click ok. Each one is on a separate layer until you merge,or flatten the layers.


 Almost forgot,you might want to set the secondary color in the color palette to transparent.

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