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Antialisng and Alpha Blending

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Edited by Rick: Removed annoying use of "????????????????????" ... One question mark is enough.

Good evening to all.

would someone be able to explain to me in layman's terms just what the heck these two things are?

I realize that alpha blending affects the paint brush ( when I switch it off and use large size brush the result looks like many many circles with some transparency showing thru---sort of gives a lacy effect) so it must blend some way the three channels of red blue and green but why is there some of the checkerboard transparancy showing thru the sweep of colour ?

and antialising well that just makes no connection in my mind at all. is this term known by any other name? what does it do or control



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Oma, I realize that English is not your first language. However, I will do my best.

Aliasing, with regards to graphics, is the blocky look you get along a line when you change from one color to another. Anti-aliasing adds some pixels that are in between the two colors that help smooth out the line and make it look less blocky.



Alpha blending:


I hope that that helps. Any other questions, feel free to ask.

The new Paint.NET docs may help you as well, even though they are in English.

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