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question about TFF file not opening

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I read the faqs and searched the data base, but although I found some useful things there, I found nothing specifically about how to address my problem. So here goes:


I bought a .tif extension file photo and went to open it in paint.net and received a window with an X and the message: "There was an error opening the file."


My file is 5184x6110 which equates to 24,294KB. I'm using windows xp. 


Any ideas on how I can go about opening the file in paint.net and working on it there? (And I'm not a real technically-oriented type so the simpler the explanation the better.) Thanks so much!



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TIF support is minimal in Paint.NET as the format is old and well surpassed by better formats. I don't know why you were sold a photo in that format. That's like buying the ingredients to bake bread when you want a sandwich.

If Paint.NET will not open the file, I would return to the seller and ask them for another file format. If that won't work you'll have to find another program to open the file & save it in a more useable format (PNG or JPG).

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