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How to create text along a path?

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Is there a plugin for creating text that follows a path created by the user? I understand how to arch text. That isn't working for my project. I need to plot a path and let the text follow it. Is this possible?



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@dpy has created a number of text plugins (Rotate, Spiral, Wave & Circle...,).  You may have to use a combination of these to adjust your text to a specific path.


Find these plugins in this pack: Dpy's Plugin Pack

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It depends how simple is the path, if it is like a wavy line, then Gravity plugin works but it will keep the text vertical ( do not rotate each letter individually along the curve)


What I mean is somthing like this:

Wow, nice call on the gravity plugin.

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I am trying to get some text to follow a line using the gravity effect but I have no idea how to use it. Does the text need to be a certain colour? Or does the line I want the text to follow need to be a certain colour? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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