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nothing will open the file

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I spent 5 hours on a graphic for my children's book. Saved it, interestingly enough, in Paint.NET as a multi-layer .jpeg, which I thought was fantastic as it had never worked before. Ahhh, and it isn't working now.
Now I can't open the file. I've tried Paint.NET, MS Paint, GIMP, MS Picture Manager, Windows Picture Viewer, and Windows Media Center. Maybe other programs.

The file is too big to load here in this forum.

Any advice?

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You may need to check your file permissions/access levels.  Right-clicking on the file name and then Rename should do it for you.

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PNG is a single layer format. This means you have to flatten a multi-layered image when saving and lose the layer structure. If you need to edit the image later, it will be more difficult because the image is flattened.

I'd always save copy of a multi-layered image as a PDN prior to saving as a PNG. Just to be sure!

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