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Making pixel images look realistic.

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Need help to get pixel images to look more realistic. Specifically ones of people/avatars. I am trying to learn Photoshop but it is challenging and takes more time then I have right now. I already really know paint net really well and would like to know if I can make these images more realistic and how. Anyone that can help me it will be very appreciated.


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I'm not understanding what you mean by "more realistic."

Do you have an image you can share for clarification?

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With all due respect - the model here looks like a teenaged fantasy.  Overlarge bust, unnaturally slim waist, strangely elongated legs, cartoon eyes and the shoulders of Maria Sharapova.  Making this look 'real' is a huge undertaking.


Would you be better taking a photo of an actual model and adapting it to suit your needs?


That said, this tutorial might be of interest: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/12937-how-to-airbrush-like-a-professional-lets-try-this-again/

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The jagged edges should be softened.  If the model is on her own layer, then try the AA's Assistant plugin or BoltBait's Feather to do the external edges.  Internal jaggies might be minimized with one of the blur tools.


Make the eyes a bit smaller.  They look great - but are just a mite too large.  Try selecting the eyes individually and using the Move tool to shrink them.


The shoulders need to be less square, and I'd put a bit more 'meat' on her legs (possibly shorten them?).  For both of these I'd try Pycrochild's excellent Liquify plugin.


The lips are too narrow. Widen them a little - unless you want a 'pout' :)


Pants look sprayed on.  They need hems, seams and a few folds to make them look realistic.


I'd replace the top item of clothing with something a little less revealing.   It's a chat site - you want them intrigued, so don't show them ALL the goods :lol:

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