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Coping Text

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1. Text is rendered to the canvas as pixels.  They are not selectable as characters once they are committed to the canvas.


2. JPG's do not support layers.  Your have a single layered image where the text is now actually part of the image.  This is like scribbling on your wallpaper with a marker pen.  There is no way to change the text afterwards - you have to remove the wallpaper or cover it over.


(I like this analogy - it explains the process very simply.)


In your case you're going to have to select the text and surrounding image then carefully erase the bits that aren't text.  This is why we recommend putting your text on it's own layer and saving the image in a form that preserves the layer structure (PDN).  If you save a working copy of the image in this way you always have something to go back and edit if you need to.



Aside:  I see you have previously asked about changing the default extension to JPG.  I hope you can now see why this is a terrible idea.

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