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Text looks fuzzy and prints poorly

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I have read every tutorial that I can find online, and nothing is working. I am using Text+.


I need the text to be as sharp as it is in Publisher, Word, etc. The text that I'm getting in Paint.NET is so fuzzy that I can't use it in my work. 


I have attached a sample - the top paragraph was created in Paint.net and pasted into Paint. The word "strategies" below was created in Paint, and it looks a lot better. I would rather not have to create all of my text in Paint (trying to get it sized and formatted correctly), and then past it as images into Paint.net.






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Hi Kaloveah!  Welcome to the forum!


You're comparing word processors with an image editor.  That's like comparing a mountain bike to a BMW.  They do very different jobs.


The problem here is that text is rendered as bitmaps (i.e. pixels) in an image.  Not so with a word processor which stores them as encoded characters.  


Your screen probably has a screen resolution of 96 pixels per inch.  Text in your image might look fine on the screen however printing at this very low density looks awful.  You want to print at 300 dots per inch (DPI) for crisp clear edges.


The workaround is to make your image (and text) three times the print size BEFORE YOU START.  That's three times the print size when the image is viewed on the monitor at 100%.  96 x 3 = 288 pixels.


When you print the large image at 1/3 of the size, the density of pixels is 288 per inch - close enough to 300 for clarity/quality.

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More that you should know:


Win XP may not render text as clearly as Win7 or Win8.  See: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/24568-text-is-blocky-low-resolution/   Note Pyrochild's workaround - similar to what I said above but was intended for screen quality, not your specific printing issue.


To work out exact font sizing, see Rick's formula here:  http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/24361-font-size-to-page/?p=370416

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