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Creating vines?

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I've followed the amazing and awesome tutorials available via these forums to create a beautiful stone background, but it seems I can't find any about creating vines. I'm looking to create something somewhat realistic to the effect of: http://stocking-stuffer.deviantart.com/art/SS-0191-Wall-Vines-52124407


I know that's a real photo, but I'd like to create crawling vines in the shape of a tree, growing out from a central location at the bottom.



Anyone have any suggestions or ideas on which tutorials to follow to get the best result?



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Start with a texture of wood or bark. Draw a line and make some bends in it. Magic wand the line. paste it to a new layer.

Move it on top of the wood texture. Leave it selected and then select the wood layer. Copy it then.







Look at what i used. aa, bevel, drop shadow



You will need to weave many vines at different widths and maybe find some leaves to add at random. Good luck.

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