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How do I erase an object from a picture and refill the space with a similar background?

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I need to remove a picture of a horse in the background and replace it with a picture of a fence similar to the rest of the picture. I know how to erase the image using the lasso tool and the magic wand. How do I clone part of the background to replace the erased image and then blend the two pictures together?

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What you are asking is tricky to do, and it depends on the detail of the background you want to insert into.

Sometimes you can clone a separate section of the background, insert the clone into the hole you want to fill, and then slightly manipulate the clone so that it blends well and looks unique (or different) from other sections of the background.

For example, a mildly cloudy sky or a grass lawn works well for this and sometimes doesn't need much manipulation aside from blending.

This doesn't always work though. It does depend on the image you are working with, but trying to clone a separate section of the fence to fill in the area behind the horse may not work depending on different lighting, changes in angle of the fence, etc.


I also recommend providing a link for the image. And others will be able to offer more and better advice.


(When I use the term clone, I'm just referring to the copy created when I copy the selection and then paste it in. I'm not referring to the clone tool)

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If that tutorial doesn't work for you, post a link to your image like the other two said.

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The author of that tutorial hasn't been around the forum for quite some time.  Shame really :(  Sarkut was an excellent artist and added a great deal of value around here.


Until the tutorial is recompiled (any takers?  PM me) you'll just have to work through the text that remains.


If anyone has the tutorial stored offline - please contact me via PM.

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