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The Gloss.Png for the Trucks HOW R THEY MADE In Paint.Net?

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  18 Wheels Of Steel Haulin PC Game?

  The Gloss.Png for the Trucks HOW R THEY MADE In Paint.Net? Do You Make Them As A TOP Layer Over the Bodybasic.dds Textures On 18 WOS Haulin?

HOW Do They Do THIS? Like, I Notice They look "Just like the Trucks Bodybasic.dds Texture, Except Their Darker? They All BLACK with Shades Of Grey And White In Some Areas.

Please Make me Some Teaching Videos/ Tutorials In Paint.Net Explaining In Detail STEP by Step...."How Do They Make Gloss.png for Trucks/Vehicles? ....I Mean,The Whole Image In The Gloss.png and Alpha Channel Are dark And Look Exactly Alike?.:\ Hmmm? I Think They May Be Called Alpha Masks Not Sure?

How Is This Gloss.png Chrome!!?..but When The Truck Appears In The Game,.. It Is,.. Gloss Chrome! HOW, Ooh How Is This Done!!!?



SIGNATURE">/2004KenworthW900LDaycabSignature_zpsc6f92b6f.jpg [/img] SIGNATUREpeterbiltlowprofilegif.jpg

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Please learn to capitalize and punctuate correctly.  Your post is not making any sense and is making my eyes bleed. 


When you have done so, please feel free to ask your question again - in the correct section of this forum next time.  NOT in the tutorials section - it's for TUTORIALS!


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