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How do I make a rainbow?

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Just did a tutorial for this then checked your example and realised that you didn't actually want a rainbow :(


Still made it so will post it.


First you need these 3 plug ins


Conditional hue/saturation




Object align




And Gravity




Second open up PDN and just use the default options for new project


Use the paint bucket tool and fill it with a colour I chose blue but anything will work ( except black or white )




Then go to adjustments/conditional hue/saturation and change the highlighted parts




Then use the blue arrow tool and click on the image to reveal the movement points and drag the top middle one down




Now use object align to center it




Now add a new layer and choose draw eclipse and change it to filled, hold down the shift key while drawing to keep it round and then use the blue arrow to move it down




Merge both layers together anr run gravity plug in at default selections




Use magic wand set to 71 to remove black ( click on it then press ctrl+x )




Open up your image and add your rainbow ( delete any parts you dont want with eraser and set layer mode to overlay plus use gaussian blur to help blend it )






There may be a few mistakes as I was very tired when putting this together :(

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@Minners:  Please consider reposting that in the tutorial section!  Nice use of CH&S!  :star:

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