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about plug in photo flood fill...... I've some questions

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could someone please explain what exactly this does. it may solve a problem i've got in multiple image placement. (need exact placements not randomized ones)

and second is there first a tutorial for using this? what i've read so far on this here tended to either be a bit over my head or I'd missed previous discussions and couldn't find the relevant parts to read. I would appreciate a walk thru of this plug in



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Basically, this will tile an image from a file into the selction on a layer (or to the whole layer, if there is no selection).

It just repeats the picture (usually a small one like a couple of bricks) into your selection (like a wall you have selected). If the texture is a nice repeating one, this would give the illusion that a brick wall existed where a stucco wall was before.

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