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New layer from selection

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Ctrl+Shift+V will copy the contents of the Clipboard to a new layer. If you want to copy a selection to a new layer you would need to hit Ctrl+C then Ctrl+Shift+V.

For a Drop Shadow plugin go here.

Check out the Tutorial section for a better Idea of how it works...It gets used in almost every other Tutorial.


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This is very useful. In my case I copied something from another document into my current document. The pasted image hasn't been flattened or de-selected yet, but unfortunately I hit "paste" instead of "paste into new layer". I believe photoshop has the ability to convert an un-flattened, un-de-selected selection into a new layer, but when I try clicking "new layer" in this state, it flattens the image first, then gives me a floating outline with no pixels in a new layer, which really isn't very useful. Would be great if when there's a recently-pasted, not-flattened-yet selection, if clicking "add new layer" would just transfer the floating selection into a new layer instead of flattening first.

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If you accidentally did a regular Paste instead of Paste into New Layer, then all you had to do to correct that was Undo and then Paste into New Layer. There is no need to add another menu command.



The pasted image hasn't been flattened

It's not possible to paste something with- or across- multiple layers, so this comment doesn't really make sense.


Also, this thread is 12 years old. I'm closing it.

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