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Median alpha possible bug?

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I have noticed an 'oddity' about the built in 'Median' effect.

If it is run on a layer with a solid object surrounded by transparent pixels, it increases the alpha of the transparent pixels by one. Is this intentional?
The 'transparent' alpha is effected all over the layer, not just close to the object where I would expect a change.
The alpha increases by 1 each time the effect is run. (testing with the color picker tool).
Try running it on a completely transparent layer and test the alpha after.

The reason this is relevant is that other plugins (yes mine!), speed effects up by simply copying over pixels with alpha == 0 and only processing if alpha is greater. It affects BoltBait's 'Transparency' plugin too and may affect the other Object type plugins.


Pdn v 3.5.10, Vista (up to date).


And yes I don't know the difference between 'effect' and 'affect' :D


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Affect - think 'cause'.

Effect - think 'result'.

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