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Basic IFF ILBM (Amiga) Loader


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This is a fairly basic ILBM loader - originally wrote this in 2010 (against Paint.NET 3.5.5) and never got around to sharing.


I've fixed it up for 3.5.10 as I'd based it on a template that version checked PDN using information that is no longer public.


This is loosely based on some code I wrote in the early 90's to decode Amiga image data.


KNOWN LIMITATION: Does not handle IFF24 images - max 8-bit images.


KNOWN LIMITATION: This is only a loader. It will not save to IFF format.


NICE (IMHO) FEATURE: Not all Amiga screen modes used "square pixels". If an image is loaded with rectangular pixels (high or wide pixels) this loader will "pixel double" the image to "correct" the aspect ratio. The Zip file contains some example images, some of which would appear distorted without this, and whilst you could manually post process this saves a step and preserves the "feel" of the image.






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Hey there Zombieman.  Welcome to the forum and prepare to have your username coveted :)


Nice job on your first plugin!


The raytraced image Glass.iff and the USS Missouri look fine, but the others have some weird color shifts and don't seem to handle transparency properly.  Ya'll should have stuck to the Atari ST like me :lol:


Initially I copied the file IFF.dll straight from the ZIP (it's a habit I've gotten into working on the Plugin Index).  That file didn't work.  Extracting the ZIP file produced two folders IFF_BJH and Paint.NET  IFF Plugin The correct DLL (named PDNIFFPlugin.dll) is located in the latter folder with the images in the former.


Perhaps you would like to recompile the ZIP to do away with the spurious DLL file?

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