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My quest for running PDN on my Mac


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I didn't really think this was worthy for the General Discussion area, so I posted it in the Overflow. Maybe later, It will become a tutorial :D

Day one:

I search for a fast and most of all free emulator.

I found Q [kju].

Q is an early stage emulator for Mac. It supports XP, 2k, 99, 95, Linux, and anything else you can throw at it.


Now, hoping to get right on windows, I realize that there is no hope for that. I look at their forum for help.


I decided to download one of the non-windows wannabes that only take 20MB.


I "turn on the PC", and find that it stinks. Slow. Very. Very. Very. Slow.


Day two [actually about a week later]:

Back on the search, I decided that I want to get win2k instead of XP, due to the slow performance on the other one.

I found a [legal] website with installation disk images for win2k (at bootdisk.com).

**DOWNLOADED four floppy images**

Started Q up

Made a new PC with roughly 3000MB of space that is supposed to run win2k. I set it to boot from a floppy disk image.

I saw the blue screen I was hoping for.

I'm installing win2k....

"Insert floppy disk one"...

"Insert floppy disk two"...

"Insert floppy disk three"...

"Insert floppy disk four"...

"*Loading Windows 2000 Professional*"...

"To install Windows 2000 now, hit ENTER"...

"Please insert the CD-ROM labled 'Windows 2000 Professional Setup CD-ROM' in drive 'B' and hit ENTER"




I don't have a CD image.

Day 3:


Day 4:

Turn Q on again.

Turn on my "third attempt" PC

"Windows 2000 Professional Setup"

**30 minutes later**

"Please wait while Setup copies files to the Windows 2000 Installation folder.

This may take several minutes to complete."

Current status:


Wow. Colors on Macs are different from Windows.

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I know, but XP would take up too much space and it would go a lot slower.

Day 5:

I am now setting up win2k!!!!


The computer is still slow as heck, but faster than the impostor and manageable.

I have just set up the language (well not really, because English is the default language).

Keyboard is now set up.

User and Organization is now filled out as "John Doe" and "a BIG one"


My serial code doesn't work.

Current status:

[screenshot coming soon...]

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Made a new PC with roughly 3000MB of space that is supposed to run win2k.

I don't get how you can 'make a new PC' with 3000MB. Your PC has to phisically have 3000MB...........sorry if I'm missing something I'm thinking of going down the Mac road and all this is reeeaaaly interesting :shock: !!!

Zacariem 8)

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Since were on the Mac subject.....

I'm wanting to get a iBook (as cheap as possible!) and I'm hoping to be able to do the same thing as usedHONDA with 'Q', since I'll be wanting to use PDN and other windows only programs.

I'm looking at this specific iBook, (but any other suggestions will be great!).

I'll probably be using it for listning to my music, PDN (obviously!), recording music on Audacity, and some 3D rendering in Blender3D.

Do you think that Mac and windows will be too slow, or does anyone have any other suggestions???

Thanks a lot :D

Zacariem 8)

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Unfortunately, this is turning into a flop.

I rebooted the "PC" and it took about 10 minutes to restart the win2k setup. Then, I reach the Product key area and it still doesn't work.

In the next day, I create a new PC with more than 10,000 MB in one drive and 1000MB in the other. And I'm now waiting for it to reinstall win2k. Then hopefully I will be able to go through the product key.


I think you mean I don't know if you should get one. I think you should wait until I can provide a good screenshot of pdn on my Mac.

Or if you get Microsoft Virtual PC, you will be guaranteed a working pc with file sharing.

Try this:

http://www.zebracomputers.co.uk/virtual ... 33719.html

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@ BoltBait

It's only PDN that doesn't run on Mac, all the other programs do (sorry I didn't make myself clear in my other post :oops: )

Most people who use a computer for similar things that I do have said that Mac's are much faster, more reliable and end up with better results as a PC.

@ usedHONDA

Thanks I'll have a look at that......btw if I have any more questions I'll start a new topic (don't want to steel your thread lol :lol: )


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One day, I was at my parent's house. I stumble over a CD case. In it I find [ta da!] a CD. Its labeled "Windows 2000 Professional Installation CD". I now have it in my Mac hoping that it will work. I'm waiting as this annoying sound repeats over and over and over again. It sounds like a smaller, higher-pitched record scratching. It's going ssslllloooowwww. I don't want the computer to go into a suspended mode because that would stop the CD from running, witch would ruin the entire setup.

EDIT: Its making a slightly different sound, now.

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Actually.. On VMware, a standard XP install (on luna, royale, or royale noir - classic might be lighter) will install and run on 64 MB ram and about a gig or so of HDD space (i go for 4 gigs, dynamic). You could run it through nlite to make it lighter install spacewise -stripping out drivers and such as not needed. Considering PDN isn't too big, the amount of memory you need would be entirely dependant on the size of the images you work with.

I believe VMware fusion has a free beta for mac... and it might be worth a shot

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