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PNG saved from Paint.net appearing different than PNG saved in PhotoShop

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I trying to troubleshoot a problem I am having.  I received some graphics from our web graphics colleague that were made in PhotoShop.  I needed to make some modifications to the images so I used Paint.net.  What I have is two images with a color of #D2D3D4.  One sits on top of the other partially overlapping.  Before the changes the over lapping looked fine, but as soon as I saved the image in Paint.net the colors were off. (NOTE: Only in IE 8 not Chrome browsers.  I only tested with these two browsers.)  When I open the images in paint.net to check colors they say the color is #D2D3D4 for both images but in IE they display differently.  My question is, is there a setting that could be changing this to appear slightly off?  I realize this could be a bug in IE 8, which would not surprise me, but I want to just check to see if the bug could potentially be in Paint.net or in a setting I have set for the png.  Do you have any thought as to what might be causing this?  


I have included the two files named according to what they were saved in.  If you take these two files and overlap them in IE 8 you should see the color difference between the grays.


One other thing I noticed that the Photo shop file was around 30k, but after saving in Paint.net it was about 9k in size. Oh and I had to do a "save as" not a regular save. 


Follow up:  I thought well maybe I could just save all the images in Paint.net and it would solve my problem. But it did not.  It seems to only affect images that have transparent sections to them.  The ones that are solid with no transparent/alpha pixels are not affected by this.  So in other words I cannot get them to match ever when one has a transparent section and one does not.



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The image has an embedded color profile, which (IIRC) Internet Explorer doesn't use. That's why it looks different. The pixel in the PNG is still encoded faithfully either way.


Paint.NET doesn't use embedded color profiles, but it does (should) preserve them (IIRC ... although it doesn't always seem to work right). So the color will look different in Paint.NET as well.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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It might not have preserved the color profile, because I change the color profile quite a bit.  I had to reverse the transparent part.  The image used to be transparent with a blue, but to make it work for the site I had to transparent the blue portion and color fill the transparent area with the grey.  This was so I could make the menu buttons grow with the word inside.  It was practically a new image.  The graphic artist gave us all the images in a png format.  Is there a way to clear/reset the color profile for the images that come from Photoshop or do you recommend doing what VR proposes above and get a srgb file.

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They shouldn't have to respond to this since it's not really related to pdn. If you can get me the image and some of the color codes you need them to be, i may be able to get you what you want. Either use 00ff02 or 125 34 245 so i can get a good match. I have ps and can save it in so many options. I think 50 million dollars should be payment enough? :evillaugh:

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