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Looking for / Idea for / a multi-layer selection plugin

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Hi - new to the forum, but I've been using PDN for a few years now.



Is it possible to create a selection tool that can 'reach down' through multiple ACTIVE layers ?
Similar to the "Merge Layer Down" function of basic Paint.net - but one that only merges what is contained within the selection - and only information from those layers declared active.
The result would be a one-layer image (like a 'snip') that resides in the paste buffer, which then could be pasted into a layer or pasted as its own layer.
I have searched the forum - so far with little success. 
Advice is appreciated -
- M
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Hello Oxthrobn - welcome to the forum,

I believe plugins are not allowed to access layers other than the currently active one (highlighted blue).
Some plugins can get around this 'legally' by reading the clipboard image, but what you suggest would be down to Rick Brewster (the author of Pdn).

Best workaround would be to save the Pdn file, then flatten, select and save what you want as a seperate file.
Then either undo or re-open the unflattened Pdn file.

Hope that helps


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Red -


Thanks, but that's what I am doing now.

I have several active layers and I'm moving the various layers around (creating a logo - with elements of the logo on multiple layers).

It's a PITA ... hence my interest in a plugin


ahhh well ...

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1. make selection.

2. Ctrl + Shift + F flattens.

3. Ctrl + C copies.

4. Ctrl + Z undoes flatten.

5. Ctrl + Alt + V pastes the combined selection into a new image. Or Ctrl + Shift + V pastes the combined selection into a new layer.

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