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Hanging on ridiculous resize

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I am a long term user of paint dot net, and it's fantastic. Also, it's never caused me any problems.


I have just caused it a problem though - I attempted a ridiculous resize on an image I have been working on for a few days. After a loading bar with the caption "initializing..." came up and stayed there for 7 or 8 minutes, I realized I had been foolish. So I clicked cancel. Now, an hour later, the loading bar, with the new caption "Cancelling...", is still there.


I have not saved the file for several hours. I am under pressure to get this image ready soon. I just thought I would ask if anyone knew something which could save this situation for me. Any sub-process I can find and terminate, without crashing paintdotnet altogether and losing my changes? for example.


This system is windows XP, with the service packs. program version is 3.5.10

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