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How to clean manuscript image

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Hello Every one, New to this forum , this is my first post, 

After searching and testing almost every plugins that I tought might work, I come to the conclusion that I have still a lot to learn...

So Here is my Question , 

I have many images of Death, Marriage and Birth Act for my Genealogy project, and I would like to know if it is possible to clean them automatically ?
Some of them are really not well scanned, and really hard to read,

I managed to correct partially some of them with Paint.net, so  I figured If I could have some kind of script that would Darken the Gray part of the Text

and another one that would narrow the line so it become more readable  I would be Thrilled ;)


As an example

This is the First line of the Text
I placed the Full picture below if required
Thanks to any one who can help ou put me in the right direction ;)   



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Hi Papy1950 - welcome to the forum.


Your question is asked surprisingly often.  Here's a recent offering click here


Using the tools that Paint.NET offers out of the box, try this:


1. Open the image.


2. Duplicate the layer :DuplicateLayer:


3. With the focus on the upper layer, press F4 to access the layer properties dialog.


4. In the Layer Properties dialog, set the Blend Mode to Multiply.


5. Merge the upper layer into lower with :MergeLayerDown:


6. Run Effects > Photo > Sharpen :SharpenEffect: with the amount you like the best. (I trialled Amount = 6).


7. Run Sharpen again ( hint: Ctrl + F runs the last effect again with same settings).


How does that look to you?  I can't attempt to read it because it's French to me :lol:

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