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How To Make A Pop-Out Signature

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Hello, I am going to teach you how to make a pop-out signature. The finished product should look like this:
Optional Plugins:
Grim Color Reaper or AA's Assistant


Step 1:


Open up Paint.Net, and delete the image and delete the starting 800x600 image.



Step 2: 

Open a new image with dimensions 500x200 and make your sig background.

Step 3:

Use canvas size. Resize it to 800x400, and use magic wand to make the outside background transparent. It should look like this:
(HELPFUL TIP): If it makes a part of the sig a part of the outside background while using magic wand, make a very small border on the sig background by using Rectangle.

Step 4:

Open your render. The background of the render has to be transparent. If you are trying to make a background of a render transparent, use Grim Color Reaper, or use magic wand and use AA's Assistant to remove the lines. I prefer Grim Color Reaper though, because it works better.

Step 5:

Open a new layer. Go to properties and name this: Render.

Finishing Move:

Copy and paste the render on the sig on the Render layer. After your done that, you can edit the sig. I made a shadow.
This dosen't only apply for signatures, though. It can be made for anything, although I prefer signatures better. The size has to change though. When using Canvas Size, I just did +200 to both width and length. Though this kind of signature does not apply with signature rules here, it can still be used somewhere else.

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