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How to Insert the Line Styles Tool into the Toolbar

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Hi my first post here' :)  I cannot get the "Line Styles" Tool to work" as in broken line, dotted line, arrow tipped line's, pointed lines, flat line's.


I can see them in Tools> Choose Tool Defaults> but  how Ido   Insert the "Line Styles Tool" into the Toolbar so its there all the time Thanks for any help Dasha

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Hello Selwyn - welcome to the forum.


When the line tool is active you can find options for the tool in the Tool Bar (Tool Defaults is where you set the default style i.e. when Paint.NET opens that style will be selected).


There are three main styles, Start Cap, line Style and End Cap.  These are drop down lists where you select a style by clicking on it.  Find them between the Brush Width and Fill Style.


Alternatively, cycle through the styles with the comma, full stop and slash keys on your keyboard (hint: draw a line first then play with these options before committing the line to the canvas - i.e. when the control nubs are still visible).

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