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Windowed Mode for Editing Multiple Images at Once

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I couldn't find a dedicated feature request area so hopefully this is the right place to put this.


Has anyone ever requested multi-image editing capabilities which would allow you to see more than one graphic (full size) on the screen at once? I'm constantly editing multiple graphics at once (often copy/paste into one or the other), or comparing two graphics side by side, and I REALLY miss this interface from the old version of Paint Shop Pro.  (Not the new, devil version of PSP by that spyware bloatware peddling "Corel" company, I mean real PSP (version 5 or so), by JASC.  Corel ruined that program!  :evillaugh:)







If this is possible to do in Paint.NET easily, another suggestion would be to provide a way to auto-layout multiple open image windows (attempt to arrange all open windows so that each image is fully visible with no window overlaps).  Or hopefully I'm being dense, and someone will point out how you can already do this. :)

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You can click on the thumbnail view in the image list to swap between open images. There is no way to simultaneously show multiple open images.

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