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Application hotkeys, non Windows standard - help.

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What would make sense is something I've been seeing more and more of in other apps (e.g. Visual Studio, Blend, uTorrent): Right click -> Open Containing Folder. This would launch a Windows Explorer window with the selection already parked on the item. Then you can press delete or issue other commands.


That would actually be really good too.

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If it highlights the specific file I currently have in the foreground, it's awkward but usable.


Rick, any thoughts on this? I really want to move towards open source / free software instead of having a copy of Paint Shop Pro on my workstation from literally 1999.

As I said, what I do is I take anywhere from 5 to 20 photos of an object frequently, then I simply drag ALL of them in to my graphics package and switch through them, those I don't like, I discard.  

Paint Shop Pro has "CTRL-DEL"  (or file delete rather)  - WITH A CONFIRMATION this saves me huge amounts of time by closing the picture and of course deleting it.

You've stated you don't want to add this, that's fine - but at least the "open folder location" (and highlighting the file) would instantly put me in explorer and I'd just have to manually hit delete, click ok and alt tab back to the program.

Not ideal but workable.

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